There are embarrassing moments, then there are those that are both stupid and clumsy. Usually, one lies to themselves that no one will find out....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

That this can, and will, go on forever. Your partner will remain in the dark, because you have found a way to block the sun from reaching them. That you are just too smart to let the cat out of the bag, even for a small bite of a snack.

Meshack was sure his cheating with a house help belonging to his neighbor Thomas will go unnoticed. He had devised the perfect camouflage and the perfect cat calls to inform her of his imminent arrival.

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But despite all that, he found himself both embarrassed and stupefied, for his neighbor caught him red-handed and decided to threaten him, if not blackmail him by revealing everything to his dear wife.

“You can either confess or I will break her heart myself. You don’t deserve her. She quit her job with Kenya Airways to please you and be a stay at home mum but you insult her loyalty with cheating on her with an ugly underage house help.

Men will be men, just as cockroaches shall always walk on fours” he plunged knife after knife of criticism to Meshack, who went silent, either due to guilt or shame. Did he stop?? Of course not. That very evening, he visited her second lover once more, in a bid to forget the mixed emotions by mixing their body fluids.

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Unfortunately, his neighbor Thomas wasn’t bluffing. He sent Meshack’s wife a text using an unknown number, telling her to investigate her husband’s movements in regard to Lydia his house help. This spooked her, for she had never suspected him of anything other than being too handsome.

Soon, Meshack was seen coming out of her small servants’ quarters and hell broke loose. She didn’t just cry, she left and went home to her mother. Meshack had to make do with the embarrassing shame of having to go for her and admit everything.

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Her mother intervened and suggested a permanent solution. They are to visit a local traditional herbalist called Dr mugwenu and “lock” Meshack using his effective spells that ensure faithfulness and prevent one from sleeping around, otherwise one will get stuck in the act. That was how they got together.

From that day onwards, Meshack kept his zipper closed, knowing that anything else will result in much bigger consequences..CONTINUE READING>>

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