It is threatening to the relationship when someone asks for space, it leads us into thinking that there is something wrong with us or we have made them up happy. You should understand that there are people who needs some space when the relationship becomes overwhelming to them....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

It is also important to note that there must be a reason for them to come up to you and ask for space, you might also notice before they asked for the space they were going through some withdrawals, that you fail to notice at the time.

If someone asks for space it is important that you give them what they ask so that they can solve their issues. Therefore, here are ways of giving someone space without losing them.

1. Stop calling and texting them

It be helpful to know that they need space Wich means that you should stop communicating to them as you used too. It will be hard you for not to communicate to them, but you should remember that the other person need space so that they can figure out what is bothering them.

You calling them will cause to feel like you are not giving them the space they need, and if you persist so much they may end the relationship. It will also in some cases make them miss you.

2. Recognize that you can’t control their desicions

Any separation from the person that you love is going to hurt so bad, but it wise to understand that you can’t control their desicions. For someone to come up to you and ask for space it means that they have think about it and they believe that it is going to be good for them.

So don’t try and influence them not have their space that they want, because you will seem like you don’t understand and probably you don’t. Just remember that there people who need space so that they can recharge and become a better person.

3. Make decisions for yourself

Once you have given them the space that they were craving for then you should also start making desicions by yourself. When in you are relationship you become one and you tend to make decision when you have asked the other person’s opinion.

Know that life still moves on and you don’t know for how long they want that space, so it is wise to start making independent desicions. Since you are giving them space, and you don’t want to put your life into a stand still.

4. Don’t ask too many questions

when they ask for space the best to do is to not ask too many questions. Keep it mind that they may not want to tell you the reason for requesting space. I know it is easy said than done, because you will definitely think that you did something to make them want that space.

You should have an open mind in this matter and believe that there is a reason why they are not opening up which has lead them to wanting space. If you ask them too much questions you might make them end the relationship and maybe you don’t want that to happen.

5. Don’t take the request personally

It is really hard to not take it personal, when someone you love want some space. Don’t go on thinking that you might have done something wrong for them to want space so that they can figure things.

Don’t try and start attacking them, you never know that they might going some emotional problem which they think that they need space from the relationship so that they cannot drug you into their mess when it gets out of control…..CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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