In a recent video on Facebook, Pastor Daniel Olukoya shared a story highlighting the tragic events surrounding a man’s search for a wife and the devastating consequences that ensued....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to him, “There was this man who could not find a wife for about age 57. At 57 years of age, the only girl that agreed to marry him was at 24 or 25.

Immediately they got married her first pregnancy she had twins. One year later she had another baby making 3 children. So One-day, the woman was coming back from the market and all of a sudden she saw the husband’s car. She moved closer only to discover he was with a lady. So she paused a bit to know Where they were heading to.”

“Unfortunately the husband drove down to a near by hotel in the market with the strange lady. After checking-in into the hotel, the wife also followed them in.

She discovered they were already after naked on sight. She went home, pick the 3 children to a bridge and threw all of them in the water. She was finally jailed and the husband died a mysterious death….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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