A heartbreaking incident has sparked outrage and calls for justice in Makueni County. Four police officers are being investigated after a one-year-old child died in custody. ...READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

This tragic event occurred when the officers were attempting to arrest the child’s mother over a debt dispute.

The mother, a shopkeeper at Kambu market along the Nairobi-Mombasa road, found herself in a direct situation when police officers arrived at her store.

The officers were there to address a debt issue, an area generally considered a civil matter, and typically not within the police’s jurisdiction to intervene in such disputes.

During the arrest, an altercation occurred, and one officer, aiming to slap the mother, inadvertently struck the child instead.

Witnesses report that the child was in visible pain following the incident. The mother was detained along with her injured child, and distressingly, no medical attention was provided.

The child’s condition deteriorated while in custody, and despite the mother’s pleas, the baby continued to suffer.

The situation escalated tragically when the child died hours later. The mother, devastated and helpless, was eventually released.

However, the officers did not document the incident correctly, raising serious questions about their conduct and the lack of procedural adherence.

Following the child’s death, the mother has accused the police officers of framing her for the tragic incident.

This accusation adds another layer of complexity to the case, suggesting possible attempts by the officers to evade responsibility for their actions.

The incident has prompted an investigation by higher authorities. There is significant public outrage, with many calling for justice for the grieving mother and her deceased child.

The heartbreaking loss of the one-year-old child under such distressing circumstances underscores the urgent need for reforms within the police force.

It also calls for stringent measures to ensure that police officers adhere strictly to their mandate and that any breaches are met with appropriate consequences.

The outcome of the ongoing investigation will be crucial in determining accountability and delivering justice for the grieving mother and her lost child….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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