President William Ruto has sounded a warning to those believed to have seized public land in Kanduyi, Bungoma County....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Speaking during the 61st Mashujaa Day fete, the president observed that individuals he did not mention were hampering the expansion of the Masinde Muliro Stadium by holding and developing the land around the sporting facility.

He asked them to vacate on their own, lest the national government take action and enforce forcible eviction.

Ruto restated that the stadium would be expanded as planned.

“Let me ask the people around this stadium, especially those who have decided to acquire some of the public land, please, let us respect each other; everyone having land around here knowing it is government property, please pack your things and leave. Wen will develop the whole of this area. We don’t want fights with people. Government property belongs to all citizens,” said the president.

The president’s pronouncement came weeks after a mall outside the facility was demolished.

Owned by the family of former Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati, the building housing the Khetias Supermarket was brought down to free space for the expansion of the stadium.

Wangamati faulted the current county administration for supposedly flouting a court order stopping the demolition.

Ruto said the 40,000-seater facility that is currently half-way done will be developed to completion to feature among other state-of-the-art facilities in the country…..CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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