Family Member Calls Out Mohbad’s Wife Over Pickup Truck Gift To Father-in-law – Video

In the aftermath of Afrobeat icon Mohbad’s untimely passing, a firestorm of controversy has erupted within his family, sparked by his 24-year-old wife, Omowunmi’s, purchase of a second-hand pickup truck for her father-in-law.

A viral video that has taken social media by storm captured a man, presumably a relative of Mohbad, unleashing a scathing tirade against the youthful widow.

The incensed family member could be heard passionately bemoaning the woeful condition of the pickup truck gifted to Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, by his daughter-in-law.

This impassioned individual adamantly asserted that, given the patriarch’s status as the father of a renowned celebrity, he should unquestionably be cruising in the most cutting-edge, opulent car available, rather than being relegated to the confines of a pre-owned truck, which, according to their fervent argument, was entirely unsuitable for his esteemed position.

In related news, In a trending video on social media, the late Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, opened up on how the N2 million DMW label boss Davido sent him.

Mohbad’s dad, in an update, revealed he was handed only N1 million out of the generous amount Davido sent.

According to Aloba, a substantial part of the money, precisely 1 million naira, was used by Mohbad’s friend, identified as Da Rocha, to purchase a coffin and manage the burial arrangements.

Aside from Davido, he revealed show promoter Kogbagidi gave him N100k.

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