A recent incident at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare shed light on the dangers posed by fake doctors. Douglas Mutoredzanwa, pretending to be a medical professional, was caught in the act during his rounds on Tuesday. His deception came to an end when he made a critical mistake — reading an X-ray upside down....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to reports, Mutoredzanwa falsely claimed to be a doctor on duty and began examining a patient. However, his charade was exposed when he picked up an X-ray film and pretended to analyze it, all the while holding it in the wrong orientation. This raised suspicions among the hospital staff, particularly Dr. Wilson Kurangwa, who noticed the unusual behavior.

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Dr. Kurangwa alerted Whatmore Tarugarira, the hospital’s loss control officer, who then joined forces with security guards to apprehend Mutoredzanwa. During the confrontation, Mutoredzanwa failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for his actions, leading to his arrest.

Upon searching Mutoredzanwa, the security team discovered stolen items, including surgical blades, drugs, syringes, cotton wool, sensitive tapes, and gloves. These findings strengthened the case against him, resulting in opposition to his bail by the State, represented by Rufaro Chonzi.

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This incident adds to a concerning pattern of fake medical professionals infiltrating the healthcare system. Just last week, another individual, Felix Tagonera, was arrested for posing as a gynecologist at the same hospital. Tagonera, released on bail, is scheduled to appear in court again on May 13.

These cases highlight the importance of stringent verification processes and vigilance within medical institutions to prevent such fraudulent activities and safeguard patient well-being..CONTINUE READING>>>

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