In Ondo State, Nigeria, drama ensued when suspected kidnappers, who had abducted a pastor’s wife and two others, fell asleep while transporting their victims, allowing them to escape....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The kidnappers’ drowsiness was attributed to the effects of hard drugs they had consumed.

The Ondo State Police Command confirmed the incident, revealing that five suspects were apprehended after the victims identified one of them.

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The arrested individuals, aged between 16 and 27, were named as Garuba Mumuni, Yusuf Tale, Kabiru Muhammed, Shaibu Umar, and Adamu Mohammed.

Police Commissioner Abayomi Oladipo stated that the suspects would be charged to court soon. Additionally, Adetokunbo Adesina, who claimed to have been contracted to kill over 500 people, was also arrested after his last victim paid him N110,000..CONTINUE READING>>

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