Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua escalated his push for the one man, one vote, one Shilling revenue-sharing deal stating that it would favour the region....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Speaking at a function on Saturday night, Gachagua urged the people from the Mount Kenya Region to monitor politicians and their utterances to ensure they mark those against the proposal.

Gachagua stated that the revenue-sharing deal was what the people of Mount Kenya deserved and anyone campaigning against the proposal was not an ally and defender of the region and its people.

The Deputy President further urged the people from the central region to consider the leaders who pushed for the one man one vote one shilling as heroic citing that they were fighting for the rights of their people.

“Listen to the politicians as they speak, those who are fighting for our people to get what they deserve are the heroes of our community. Those who are not should be marked so that everyone knows who they are,” stated Gachagua.

He further cautioned the politicians stating that none of them from the region should propel a contrary revenue-sharing deal.

Additionally, Gachagua continued to defend his absence from the political scene weeks ago stating that despite his silence, he was aware of a matter that was going wrong.

“Whenever I remain silent, there is something that is not moving in the right direction but you know whenever anything is amiss, I will speak about it,” Gachagua added.

Further, the DP elaborated that he was on a mission to unify the Mount Kenya region as the unity of the region would guarantee its prosperous future.

Gachagua’s sentiments on the controversial revenue-sharing deal came at a time when leaders from other regions opposed the push.

According to leaders from the North Eastern region, the one-man one-shilling would lead to further marginalisation of their communities.

However, a section of the Mount Kenya region leaders have continued to push for the proposal which was initiated by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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