If you encounter a lion, a motivational speaker will tell you not to run away but rather to cling to your left leg as tightly as you can. This is because the left leg is the origin of all power....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

An article written by a motivational speaker is quickly spreading over Facebook.

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According to the author of the article, we have no reason to be afraid of lions. [Citation needed]

You will find the author’s statements from the aforementioned article reproduced below in their entirety.

If you see a lion, try not to freak out and remain where you are. This is the most important thing.

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To the point where the lion is shaken to his very core whenever he catches a glimpse of you.

If he raises his voice to you, it is imperative that you respond by raising yours to him.

Put an end to your shaking and stop falling backwards.

As you move across the area, the lion closely follows in your footsteps.

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