Detectives on Thursday seized thousands of litres of siphoned fuel during a crackdown on siphoning rings at a site off Kangundo Road....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In a statement, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) noted that the raid was conducted by the Operations Support Unit who were acting on a tip-off from a concerned member of the public.

“As the fight against siphoning and the illicit trade in siphoned fuel heightens with a view to curb the sale and distribution of adulterated fuel, the DCI raided a site off Kangundo Road yesterday and seized thousands of litres of siphoned fuel.

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“Acting on a tip-off by a concerned member of the public on a notable spillage and the impunity with which the illegal business operated just next to a supermarket and an open-air market along KCC Road, the officers moved in to the compound that was concealed by a temporary iron sheet fence,” the statement shared by DCI reads in parts.

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During the raid, the detectives confiscated a trailer, two fuel tankers, generators fitted with hosepipes, funnels, 20 litres jerrycans and several tanks containing unestablished amounts of siphoned fuel.

The suspects involved in the crime evaded arrest through a panya route after they got wind of police presence through their informers.

“After preliminary investigations, detectives believe that the operators are linked to the April 12, 2024 raid conducted behind Shell petrol station off Lunga Road in Nairobi where 41 suspects were rounded up and charged, but the five tankers found at the site later released through a court order,” DCI added.

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Detectives expressed gratitude to members of the public for their efforts in volunteering information on the illegal business and called on stakeholders including licensed distributors and government agencies to multi-agency undertakings to pool forces that will break the organized criminal rings..CONTINUE READING>>

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