Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s economic and financial capital, Dar es Salaam, escaped the worst effects of the tropical cyclone, Hidaya, after the storm hit Mafia Island at 9am on Saturday, May 4, about 130 kilometres south-east of the city, and significantly lost its strength, according to the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA)....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

As the storm was moving over Mafia, in Dar es Salaam the periods of high winds that had started the night of Friday, May 3, at a speed exceeding 40 kilometres per hour, culminated into light raindrops that lasted a couple of minutes.

They were followed by long periods of calmness and clouds covering the whole city and neighbouring areas, for the whole day on Saturday, May 4.

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TMA said clouds were also spread over most areas of the southern part of the country, particularly in the Lindi, Mtwara and Coast regions, resulting in heavy rains in some areas.

“Until 3pm, Kilwa Masoko (Lindi) reported 200.8 mm of rainfall for the past 6 hours. This is a significant amount considering that the long-term mean rainfall for the month of May at Kilwa Masoko station is 96.6 millimeters.

The observed amount (200.8 mm) in 6 hours is therefore around 208 percent of the monthly total for May for Kilwa Masoko,” TMA said in its report issued at 6pm on Saturday, May 4.

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Mtwara, Kilwa, Zanzibar and Tanga also experienced periods of strong winds exceeding 40 kilometres per hour at different times as the storm moved further inland.

The cyclone left a trail of destruction as it passed through Mafia Island.

Witnesses said the high winds destroyed a couple of houses in Mafia Town, with hundreds of coconut trees uprooted. But no human casualties were reported. After the cyclone passed the island, the situation calmed down, and Mafia residents were seen assessing the damage.

“I can tell you about 30 houses have been destroyed here. But authorities and residents are still assessing the extent of the damage,” a witness who asked for anonymity said.

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TMA advised the public, particularly in the named areas and those involved in marine activities over the Indian Ocean, to take maximum precautions and continue to follow up on the latest weather forecasts and updates from official channels, as well as seek advice and guidance from experts in the relevant sectors to minimise potential impacts.

“The Tanzania Meteorological Authority continues to monitor weather systems and its associated impacts and will provide forecast updates whenever necessary and as appropriate,” the TMA statement said..CONTINUE READING>>

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