These are the signs to watch out for to see if your man is in love with you and sees a future with you....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

1. You are part of their social media. if your man enjoys posting moments nice pictures of you on their page or sharing nice moments of your moments together this means that he wants the world to know you are together.

2. He discusses the future with you. when your partner plans their life and includes you in it. this shows that he wants you around long term. this can be talks of kids, buying a house, or even moving to a different country.

3. They introduce you to their families. If introducing them to your family is NBD, they actually want to join your friends for brunch, and they can’t wait to be your plus-one to your cousin’s wedding next month, that’s someone who probably has some pretty intense feelings.

4 They buy nice and thoughtful gifts for you. they buy you socks with corgis on them just because they know you love corgis. Know what I mean? They pay attention to things you mention or at least try to find something you didn’t even know you needed.

5. They remember small details about you. The point is, someone who’s paying attention to the little things is definitely falling in love. they remember details that you didn’t think were important.

6. You is the first person they go to when they have good news or they are in distress. they see you as someone they can confide in. they think of you when something good happens in their lives.

7 They drop everything when you need them the most. It’s not even a question. If you need them, for whatever reason, they’re there…and they don’t drag their feet or complain later that they helped you out. It’s also a good sign if they notice when something is wrong, even if you don’t admit it….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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