Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, the Olori Omoba of Ijebu and the King of Fuji Music, is a man who adores excellent things. He collects rare wines, drives vintage automobiles, and has stunning women....CONTINUE READING

He puts forth a lot of effort to take advantage of life’s wonderful experiences because he is a fun-loving man.

When word of his divorce from Titi Marshall, his ex-wife, leaked, it went viral online, with many revealing that they ought to have worked out their problems before splitting up.

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Against all odds, King Wasiu named Chief Emmanuela Morounropo of Abeokuta as Titi’s replacement. He beat all odds by walking down the aisle with her amid pomp and circumstance, while tongues were wagging about KWAM1.

The Fuji King declared he had arrived at his target and expressed his unwavering love for his wife, despite the opinions of many that their marriage would not endure.

He always pays tribute to his wife when he is on stage.Their public displays of affection make spinsters, bachelors, and couples green with envy.

Rumor has it that the two misunderstand one other a lot and resolve their issues in private. But the two had a minor misunderstanding in December of last year, from what we’ve heard, and they haven’t yet resolved it.

When Chief Emmanuella celebrated her birthday on January 1, 2024, it was clear that there was a rift in their marriage because her husband, who always threw a lavish celebration for her, was not present. Additionally, there was no notice or post on social media.

Similarly, Emmanuella did not show up for KWAM 1’s all-white concert in January, and KWAM 1 did not praise her as much as he used to. This also sends a bad message to those who are rooting for them, as they seem to be losing interest in one other.

Although efforts toward reconciliation are ongoing and the wife has invited close Maiyegun acquaintances to get involved, according to sources, the situation…CONTINUE READING>>

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