Chelsea will reportedly hold crucial talks with midfielder Enzo Fernandez this weekend with a big decision to be made on both sides....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

There is a lot going on at Chelsea Football Club this summer, with a new head coach set to be announced TODAY in fact.

But as well as that, many players will be off on international tournaments with the Euros and Copa America coming up. But as well as this, later in the summer we have the Olympic Games.

Often, these games are not really a concern for football players but this year, it looks like Enzo Fernandez wants to represent Argentina in them.

But Chelsea are not keen to let him go and play there, naturally. They are on at a crucial time when Maresca will be taking his pre-season sessions and trying to embed his style of football into his new players, and Fernandez will be absolutely key to his setup and to his team.

Local Argentine source Gaston Edul says: ‘Chelsea do NOT want Enzo Fernández to go to the Olympic Games because they want him from the beginning of the preseason with the new coach. It’s difficult. There will be one more talk on the weekend, and it will be confirmed whether he can go or not.’

Fernandez has just had surgery and didn’t play for the remaining games of the season. He is going to play at Copa America this summer, and now he wants to go and play at the Olympic Games as well?

I think that’s an unreasonable ask. I understand players want to represent their countries whenever they can, but this is way too much when he needs to be focusing on next season at Chelsea as well. He had a poor season last season (granted he was playing through injury), so he needs to hit the ground running next season….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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