When children do strange things, parents should intervene sooner rather than later to prevent them from ruining their children’s lives. For example, you will find children playing with sand, jumping from high places, running and jumping through holes, eating a variety of foods, and doing a variety of other strange things....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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Parents should always keep an eye on their children’s actions and teach them good values rather than punishing them for misbehaving.

In this post, I will discuss why you should not allow your child to sit in the frog role.

Some children have a tendency to sit in the frog position, which is usually associated with a significant load on the child’s body. This could lead to a lack of blood flow, a loss of feeling, and eventually the death of several leg problems. As a parent, please make sure to alert your child about this type of action.

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Furthermore, children who spend much of their time in this position will find it difficult to adapt to a more normal position. Knock knees or bow-leggedness can grow as a result of this.

Finally, the conditions mentioned above may necessitate surgical intervention or amputation. As a result, as a parent, teach your child proper sitting posture to avoid the conditions mentioned above..CONTINUE READING>>

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