From April 18, a vaccine drop operation for foxes against rabies will begin. Dog and cat owners should be especially careful, and an issue has even been sent to residents with an alert from the Government Security Centre....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Foxes – those who are free living, running in fields and forests – are most at risk of rabies infection. Therefore, the vaccine, dropped from airplanes, immunells only these animals. The RABADROP vaccine, placed in the interior of the bait with a fish odor, is a standard element of the spring action of fox vaccination.

However, MUW warns that if someone comes into contact with the vaccine, they should see a doctor. “After the vaccine has been removed for 14 days, dogs should be carried on a leash and keep cats in enclosed spaces. Possible contact of the animal with the preparation should be reported to the veterinarian” – it is reported.

Regular vaccine discharges reduce the risk of rabies transmission, the Authority said. In 2021, The Mazovian Voivodship Veterinary Doctor reported a total of 110 cases of rabies in animals, not only of wild living, but also domestic ones, e.g. cats. In 2022, 31 cases were confirmed. It is welcome that no new cases were confirmed in 2023…..CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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