The Bomet County Government disaster management team has mounted a search for a man who allegedly jumped into a swollen river after a disagreement at a drinking joint in Kipsuter area....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The deceased was allegedly mocked by his drinking partners who teased him for his apparent poor fighting skills, driving him into a suicide attempt.

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The victim is reported to have got agitated after one of his drinking mates threatened to use a slap to put him down and determine who should be added more liquor.

Efforts by one of his friends to cool him down from the insult didn’t materialize, since he had made up his mind to walk away from the den and was last seen headed to the river nearly a kilometre away.

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Area Chief Joseah Ng’eno said investigations are underway to establish what transpired.

County disaster officer Stanley Mutai said an unknown body of a man was last seen being moved away by raging floods 25 kilometres away from the scene of the incident..CONTINUE READING>>

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