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Hakan Karahan, 34, hails ditching his city life for nature to him being able to save £100 per day on bills for the past decade. Hakan lives outdoors with his American Akita breed, Sila, whom he rescued in 2021 and the pair now live a happy life in the wild.

He says that living in a city, the average person spends £30 per day on food and drink and around £70 on bills, including house rent, electricity, water, and heating.

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Hakan added: “In nature, this all costs me £0, and therefore I save £36,500 per year. I was born in Istanbul, a big city where 22 million people live, and for the last ten years, I have been trying to sustain my life with what nature offers me in the wild.

“It’s the people who pushed me to live my life in nature. I escaped from two-faced manipulative people and took refuge in the wild. I start my day very early as I get up at sunrise. As I usually live close to water sources, I take my shower at the waterfall.

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I prefer mushrooms for food as mushrooms are very dense in the region I am in. I make fireplaces in the shelters I built for heating.

Hakan and Sila during the process of building their own home

“I have no problems with heating. My dog’s favourite food is lamb, however, he is not a picky eater and in the wild, he eats everything with me. He also loves mushrooms too.

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Life in the wild with my dog is great. Although he is a pet dog, he has protected me from all kinds of dangers because of the bond between us.

“Life in the wild has taught him to cope with these challenges. Everyone witnesses that when they step out of their comfort zone – they can do things far above themselves..CONTINUE READING>>>

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