My name is Cedrick Ochillo from Nambale. I’m not the kind to rush to condemn someone, judge them harshly or even quit, but this betrayal hurt me. My wife of 8 years left a big hole in my heart, and it all comes down to cheating....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

I love Purity so much. Much more than anything or anyone. I’m willing to die for her. I’m not joking, she is the love of my life, my only source of joy and happiness, as well as the reason why I work so hard. When she is happy, so am I.

This took place around 2022, when masks and Corona vaccine jabs were in full swing. She is a Community health worker and back then, used to leave home saying she was going to campaign for people to wear masks, accept the reality of the Virus being very dangerous.

I had no reason to suspect her at first, until I saw chats between her and some guy she saved as “Sweet James” on her phone.

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I couldn’t believe that my one and only Purity could be impure. When I confronted her, she was furious at first, saying “why were you snooping around my phone?? Now I know you don’t trust me. James is a nobody, let’s leave it at that”.

Eventually, she admitted to have slept with him a couple of times. She said “sorry” and out of love and my undying commitment to her, I chose to forgive her.

She didn’t stop. In fact, she got worse. Over the next nine months, we continued to argue, to go round in circles, back and forth, because of her infidelity.

By August, I was fed up. I decided to give her permission to cheat, because without it, she was cheating left, right and center anyways. My only request was for her to use protection, not to be overly careless and get pregnant.

Unknowingly, I had unleashed a monster. Purity started to bring men home. Men of different backgrounds, different heights and financial standing.

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I got worried when her sister called me one day, to tell me that over the weekend, Purity had traveled home to introduce a man to her mother. Apparently, the two of them got along so well that Purity was willing to replace me with him. His name was Oscar, a lawyer.

“You are not my type anymore. I don’t know how I failed to notice your big forehead all this time. I just realized you aren’t that good-looking at all. I think I made a mistake. I have been admiring a Toyota Feeder all this time when I could actually own a Bugatti.

I’m a woman awoken, reborn and reminded of my worth. It’s over between us. I would highly appreciate it if you don’t ruin my mood, my wedding is approaching” she said to me when I asked her about them. She sounded serious, which was the more worrying to me.

My problem had just become a full-blown crisis. How do I stop this?? I wondered, as I started to consume painkillers to make the headaches less painful. Everyone I contacted told me the same thing; this is a grave of my own digging, I should just go in and let sand pile up. Some even laughed, like my cousin Fred, who couldn’t care less.

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It was actually my sister Tess who offered the best solution to cheating yet. She referred me to a traditional herbalist called Dr. Mugwenu. My voice was trembling as I explained my pain at the hands of cheating. He assured me that my marriage can be salvaged, even made stronger.

Using what he referred to as Love and Binding spells, that worked like magic, I noticed a change immediately. Purity called to apologize, swore to never repeat her behavior again. From that day onwards, Purity got closer and closer, found ways and excuses to make up and even asked for a second kid..CONTINUE READING>>

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