After experiencing a last-minute cancellation of his wedding in December last year, a Kenyan man, Amos Rono, says he is a victim of love but a symbol of resilience....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

As reported, Rono and his then-fiancée, Nelly Chepkoech Koskei, fell out just minutes to their wedding

Rono claimed she had another man in her life.

As lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, Rono finds himself alone at home with heartbreak and uncertainty, in stark contrast to his plans from the previous year.

“Due to the turn of events that led to the cancellation of the planned wedding a few hours before D-Day, I will be spending time alone at home reflecting on the good things life has given me and how God has been good to me,”

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Rono said in an interview with Nation Africa.

“If the wedding had happened, I would have taken my partner out to dinner. That opportunity will wait for someone else who comes into my life in the future.

Rono says he has decided to focus on the healing process before considering another shot at marriage.

“I was heartbroken, but I am here, I have taken it all in stride. If I had not had enough support I probably would have taken my own life. I am a living example of never giving up in life and focusing on the greater good despite the circumstances,”– he said.

Despite numerous calls and offers from women expressing interest, Rono has politely declined, emphasising the need for time to heal.

Even after changing his mobile phone number, he continues to receive requests to be considered as marriage material and says he will be more diligent in choosing a woman for a wife.

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“I am not in the market for a partner. At least not for now, I am still healing and trying to settle down. But I have not closed the door to love. It will be reopened and when the time comes, I will make it known,”– Rono said.

“However, I would not discourage those who have contacted us. We will keep the conversation open. Lady Luck will smile on one of you out there,”– says Rono.

As for the cancelled wedding, Rono reveals that he has had no contact with his former fiancée since the news broke.

On whether he plans to get back the five heads of cattle that were paid as a dowry, he said; “

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That is a matter for the elders. I have no role to play in it. Nature will take its course according to the tradition of the Kipsigis community.

Rono offered advice on how to deal with relationship challenges without succumbing to despair.

“I was in denial at first, but the support system from my family, friends, church, and strangers helped me get through it all. Healing is a process that takes time and you need to have a strong personality and focus on the good side of life to make it happen.

Accept the turn of events, especially if reconciliation does not work, and focus on the future because there is life to be lived after all this,” he advises..CONTINUE READING>>

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