We all have our preferences in the bedroom, and contrary to what porn would have you believe, certain things are absolute turn-offs to men — even when they’re done by someone they’re super into....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

It’s OK to talk about the bad along with the good when it comes to sex. Not every move will do it for every dude, and that’s fine. The more we talk about what we don’t like, the more we get what we actually want out of sex, right?

To make you feel less alone, we asked some real straight, bi, and gay guys to weigh in on their absolute don’ts during sex:

1. Non-Consensual Butt Stuff

Regardless of your gender or the other person’s, it’s never OK to enter through the rear exit unless you’ve been given express permission.

“I’ve only had this happen once when I was still sleeping with only women — she kind of played with my balls for a while before moving over to massage my [butthole], and it took me by surprise,” says Kai, 29.

“It’s not that I wouldn’t have been into it, but more the shock of having it happen without warning. We’d also both been drinking, so there was that. Always ask if you’re going to enter through the back — I know if the roles were reversed, she would’ve wanted the same courtesy.”

2. Unplanned Degrading Dirty Talk

Any kink play absolutely needs to be talked about beforehand, especially if you’re going to dip your toe into humiliation play.

“I’m on the small side and self-conscious about it,” says Adam, 24. “When I first came out, I hooked up with a guy who kept teasing me about it in a way that I think he thought was hot but that I was not comfortable with at all…while we were going at it. I still think about that experience and wish I would’ve said something.”

3. Teeth During Oral

We could probably stop here, and this one would be understood. Listen, accidents happen. But if this is a consistent occurrence, it’s time to speak up.

“The first blowjob I ever had in high school was from my girlfriend, who was also inexperienced, and I remember just thinking that this is just how blowjobs were,” says Mike, 21. “After talking with my friends and finding out that blowjobs aren’t supposed to hurt, she and I had an awkward talk and worked things out.”

4. Too Much Stimulation

Yes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you’ve already climaxed but your partner still hasn’t gotten there, they may keep things going to get theirs, too — which is probably pretty uncomfortable for you post-orgasm.

“The way I’ve been able to avoid this is always to get her off first,” says Kyle, 34. “That way, when I’m done, we’re both done, and she doesn’t keep going.”

5. Taking Off the Condom Without Consent

Also known as stealthing, taking off a condom without your partner’s knowledge or consent is considered sexual assault, and should be taken seriously.

“Thought this was just another [bad] thing straight guys were doing to women until it happened to me,” says Todd, 29. “I’m lucky that he wasn’t that stealthy, and I caught him doing it, but I know others who didn’t. How [messed] up.”

6. Loudly Expelling Air

We only have so much control over our bodily functions. But if you’re planning to get lucky later on, ask your partner if they’re sure they really want that bean burrito. “Trying to recover the mood after a queef or a fart is so hard,” says Eric, 33. “Trying to ignore it feels ridiculous, but how exactly do you address it and move on? So tragic.”

7. Not Taking Context Clues

Things are feeling so good, to the point that you’re audibly moaning and maybe even saying, “Don’t stop,” out loud. And at that moment, your partner decides they’re going to change up everything.

“I hate to be ungrateful, but this is not the time to get creative,” says Sam, 26. “It’s like telling a toddler not to touch something, and it somehow makes them want to do exactly that. Sorry if this sounds douchey, but just follow directions.”

8. Refusing to Try New Things

No matter how good it is, having sex the same way in the same place over and over again is bound to get boring.

“I don’t need them to be fine with me bringing some monster strap-on into bed; just, like, be open to letting me try a new position with you — or at the very least, do it somewhere, literally anywhere other than the bedroom,” says Mike, 36….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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