Because emotions are tough to manage, if a lady has a side interest in you, her behavior near you may present you with some signs. In any case, a few of these are signs that a lady is interested in you....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

(1). A lady who is interested in you may bombard you with inquiries about your dating life, or she may annoy you with a woman she believes is your woman, merely to see if you’re dating or not.

(2). She may pay attention to you, chat with you, talk on the phone with you for longer periods of time, comply quickly, and keep an eye on you in ways that your typical female friend will not.

3. If she smiles when you lavish her with compliments when you’re alone with her, it suggests she likes you. Women are known to blush when they hear or see something they like.

(4). When someone is drawn to you, they may stare at you for an extended period of time. If you’ve ever observed a lady looking at you repeatedly, she may be trying to manipulate your emotions through eye contact or she may be trying to gain your attention.

If it’s a guy, you could assume he’s simply judging you based on what you’re wearing. However, since it is a girl, you could assume she likes you.

(5). A woman who is currently feeling loose around you may let you know when she will be available to go out with you again.

(6). Everything you do pleases a woman who has fallen in love with you.

(7). She becomes upset at you for no apparent reason, most likely because you’ve been standing with a lady.

These are some examples of silent clues a girl may display when she likes you…..CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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