5 Early Warning Signs Of An Enlarged Prostate That Every Man Need To Know

It is critical to distinguish between the symptoms of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), both of which can have a major negative influence on a person’s quality of life.

The modest variances in how these illnesses present themselves are acknowledged by Medical News Today, highlighting the importance of awareness.

We will look at six probable signs of prostate involvement in men in this post. The early symptoms of an enlarged prostate may be mild, but if ignored, they could eventually become more severe.

First of all, people could have trouble urinating. This could show up as difficult bladder emptying due to weak or interrupted urine flow. Second, you can start to detect nocturia, which is the urge to use the restroom more than twice at night.

Third, urine retention could become a bothersome symptom. The inability to urinate might cause the urine to become caught in the bladder, which can cause discomfort while you’re trying to sleep. This specific symptom is very obvious and should not be ignored.

The fourth sign, sexual dysfunction, may also be related to an enlarged prostate. Prostate enlargement can put more pressure on the urethra, which might interfere with ejaculation during sexual activity and perhaps lead to erectile dysfunction.

Fifth, after urinating, a person with an enlarged prostate may feel pee overflow. This may appear as an uncontrollable urine flow after one has already finished urinating. To prevent any unnecessary consequences, it is crucial to manage this symptom right away.

Last but not least, blood in the urine may be a sign of an enlarged prostate. It is advised to seek medical care right away for a thorough evaluation if one observes this alarming indication.

In conclusion, it’s critical to distinguish between prostate cancer symptoms and those of an enlarged prostate. People can seek proper medical care quickly by being aware of the different indicators…READFULL