2021 Biggest Events: 5 Things Davido Achieved After He Donated 250M To Orphanages In Nigeria.

The year 2021 was very unpredictable to say the least, Nigeria has witness so many big events in the country this year, some of which brought mix emotions and some made us to feel very proud of our country.

This year’s biggest event in Nigeria under the entertainment category for me was how popular Nigerian singer Davido raised over 200 million Naira and donated it to nigeria orphanages home by jokingly asking his friends to send him money for his birthday.

However there is an African saying that says ‘rich givers never lack’, actually I personally now believe that saying after seeing how God has blessed davido for donating 250 million to Orphanages. In this article I am going to explain 5 things that Davido achieved after he donated such huge amount of money.

1. Davido Wema Endorsement deal

Davido Wema bank endorsement came shortly after the singer pulled 200 million Naira into his account in less than 48 hours, and in less than no time, wema representatives had to fly to Dubai to meet davido for an endorsement deal. I think Puma saw what Davido pulled with Wema Bank and decided he’s a better Influencer.

2. Davido became Puma global Ambassador

Davido was signed by puma to be thier global ambassador in Africa and North America few weeks ago, as the brand stated that Signing Davido is to show thier commitment to Africa as a key market and a sign that African culture is becoming more and more relevant globally. As widely been claimed on social media the deal is worth $3 million dollars.

3. Global Recognition

Davido donated 250 million to nigeria orphanages after asking his friends to send him money, for that reason the singer trended world wide, at number 1 in US and UK twitter trends, he also got invited to CNN were he was interviewed, and praised by some international celebrities. Davido now ranks in the top 10 most influential people in Africa.

4. Davido Sold out his Tickets for shows so fast

Davido rate of tickets sales have rapidly increased as the singer easily sold out his Lagos and Abuja shows in less than a week and also sold out all the festivals he headlined both in and out of the country. Davido o2 arena tickets are left with just standing tickets available.

5. Davido Bought the most expensive Lamborghini

One of the amazing things that happen to davido was the singer gifting himself a new Lamborghini for Christmas weeks after buying himself a rolls royce for his birthday. The vehicle reportedly cost 200 million.

2021 turned out pretty well compared to 2020 which was a complete disappointing year for so many reasons, because despite the difficulties and never ending trials, the world pulled through this year. Hopefully 2022 will be more fruitful and less chaotic, Thank you.

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