Water helps the body perform various functions. Taking about eight glasses of water daily will work magic for you since it controls constipation and reduces skin wrinkles. Warm water is particularly perfect because it plays a role in replenishing the body’s fluids....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Is it better to drink warm water?

Drinking warm water is very vital because it helps in digestion, blood circulation, weight loss, controls constipation, and removes toxins from the body.

How much hot water should I drink a day?

Hot or warm water can make one less thirsty. If you take enough water (5 to 6 glasses), your body will stay hydrated and perform its functions well. Research indicates that warm water relaxes one from stress.

Warm water performs several functions in the body. Daily drinking of warm water daily will enable you enjoy the following benefits;

1. Warm water helps in body digestion

Water at moderate temperatures lubricates and helps in body digestion. When one drinks warm water, it goes through the stomach, down to hydrate the digestive organs, which removes the unwanted substances from the body.

Taking a glass of warm water in an empty stomach in the morning will help the body cleanse the toxic materials of the previous meal from the body. Besides, warm water plays a role in dissolving and dissipating substances that the stomach finds hard to digest sometimes.

2. Drinking warm water keeps the body hydrated

Hydration is among the leading health benefits of warm water. Both cold and warm water are significant to one’s body because they help in metabolic processes. Unfortunately, most people fail to maintain a routine of drinking eight glasses of water a day.

3. Warm water helps in weight management

Studies show that drinking warm water raises the body temperatures, which increases metabolism and hence burning the extra calories. Also, warm water contracts the intestines, which remove any waste materials that may cause bloating of the stomach.

4. Warm water improves blood circulation

Improving body circulation is among the main health benefits of warm water. Warm water is beneficial since it activates the flow of blood in one’s body.

Interestingly, taking warm water or a warm bath before bed will not only relax your body muscles but will also give you a very restful night.

5. Help relieve the nasal congestion

Warm water relieves congestion of the mucous membranes and the upper torso, which are the causes of sore throat. Therefore, the drinking of warm water soothes the sore throat.

The inhaling of warm water vapors is useful in loosening the clogged mucus and sinuses. Surprisingly, warm water is an excellent reliever of a sinus headache.

6. Calms the central nervous system

Taking of warm water is beneficial since it helps lubricate the body. Studies indicate that warm water calms the central nervous system, especially when one is under pain, ache, or stress.

Relaxing and relieving the nervous systems of people, suffering from arthritis is also among the health benefits of warm water.

7. It removes toxins from the body

Drinking warm or hot water raises internal body temperature that activates the endocrine system of the body, which leads to sweating. Have some glasses of warm water to help you get rid of toxins.

8. Warm water is good for the teeth

Unlike warm water, drinking ice water freezes the teeth. Therefore, it is advisable not to drink very cold or hot water because it may weaken your teeth. Taking water at moderate temperatures is safe for the health of your teeth.

9. Warm water aid in relieving constipation

Discoveries indicate that drinking warm water is vital in contracting the intestines. During contraction, the waste products move out through the anus hence controlling the constipation of the body. You can drink warm water regularly to maintain a healthy body.

10. Warm water is good for the health and growth of hair

Water at moderate temperatures energizes the root of nerve endings, which fastens the growth of hair. Taking enough water will also hydrate your scalp, thus maintaining healthy and shiny hair. In addition, drinking enough water will help control skin conditions.

11. Prevents premature aging

Taking warm water helps repair damaged cells, which make the skin look fresh, younger, and smoother. For this reason, preventing premature aging is one of the health benefits of warm water.

Research has shown that when one drinks enough warm water, they are at low risk of getting dark patches or wrinkles on the skin.

12. Helps to lower stress levels

Water is best in improving the central nervous system that maintains the proper functioning of the body. Drinking enough water reduces panic, thus controlling stress. Have a glass of warm water before bed because it will give you a restful sleep.

Stay healthy by drinking enough water regularly. Getting rid of wrinkles, reducing stress, relieving congestion, and managing body weight are among the health benefits of warm water frequently….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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