Florence has revealed how her partner stood by her side for the 22 years they stayed together without conceiving. Some people used to make hurtful comments, but she was later blessed with triplets.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She got married to her partner when she was 24 years old. She stayed for 3 years without conceiving and she thought it was normal although she had pressure from her family members.

After four years, she went to the hospital and the doctors confirmed a medical condition. They advised her to undergo surgery which was expensive and she couldn’t afford it.

She is a believer and prayed for a child. She sought spiritual help and tried alternative remedies, but there was no change. She considered other options but her partner kept encouraging her.

At 40 years old, she stopped experiencing menstruation. When she was 46 years old, she felt sick and went to the hospital where the doctors confirmed that she was pregnant.

She couldn’t believe it, and when she was 4 months pregnant, a scan revealed she was carrying triplets. She walked the whole journey although it was not easy and later gave birth to 3 children…CONTINUE READING>>

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