William Ruto has denied claims by a section of Kenyans that he rarely says the truth.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

During a roundtable interview on Sunday, June 30, journalists reminded the president that most Kenyans do not believe in his words.

Eric Latif of KTN News had a similar question, adding that Kenyans wanted him to ask Ruto when he would stop lying.

However, in his response, the president stood firm with his public statements, saying he has never lied to Kenyans.

According to Ruto, whatever he had promised Kenyans, including cheap fertilizer, came to pass.

The head of state argued that those who claimed he was a liar had never associated the truth with him.

Meanwhile, Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua asked Kenyans not to trust Ruto with the presidency.

The former justice minister said Ruto is unfit to be president given his empty rhetoric and promises on matters concerning Kenyans.

She also urged the organisation to support women seeking leadership positions in this year’s General Election…CONTINUE READING>>

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