Of course, there is the obvious unhygienic reasons – reminder to clean your devices more often – but sitting on the porcelain throne and scrolling through social media can damage your health too....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

If we’re being honest with ourselves, our phones rarely leave our sides.

We spend hours every day sending texts, making calls, and scrolling through endless social media posts.

They’re like an extra limb, and we take them everywhere with us – even the places we probably shouldn’t.

Don’t deny it, your phone is your bathroom buddy.

According to The List, sanitising company Vioguard claims that 73% of us sit and scroll while sitting on the porcelain throne, or standing at a urinal.

They added that a whopping 93% of Gen Z admitted to texting or playing games while going number two.

And while it may not so different from reading the newspaper or digging into a book during your bathroom time, it could be harmful.

Of course, you risk dropping your phone down the drain, but it also puts you at greater risk of illness and infection.

Experts also claim that the added distraction could actually be stopping your body’s ability to go to the bathroom altogether.

According to experts who spoke to The Washington Post, the position you assume to have a bowel movement puts pressure on the veins around your anus, which can lead to haemorrhoids.

So swiping and scrolling while doing your ‘business’ could cause you a lot of pain and itching downstairs.

Another risk of being distracted on the toilet may be interfering with your natural contractions that help push out the poop. So if you struggle to ‘go’, this can make it worse.

Plus let’s not forget about the germs and unhygienic side of having your phone so close to the toilet.

You (should) wash your hands after every bathroom break but when was the last time you cleaned your devices….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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