The omnipresent wall gecko is something that most people try to ignore since they believe it to be safe and unbothersome.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

They merely stake out areas in anticipation of some unfortunate insect or cockroach coming their way, which they would then turn into a meal.

If you belong to the group of people who have this opinion about wall gecko, you should reconsider after reading this account of how a family was wiped out.

According to later investigations, the family’s mother had made a pot of soup and had likely left the lid slightly ajar so that the soup may cool and release steam before being covered. A wall gecko perished when it fell into it while she was gone.

Later, the soup was consumed by the mom and her kids. They all succumbed to poisoning the following day. Nobody understood right away that they had consumed poison.

Upon further inspection, the investigator discovered the deceased wall gecko in the soup pot. It appears that the animal’s poison seeped into the soup. The gecko’s skin is typically extremely toxic.

You must therefore come up with a strategy for eliminating all types of geckos from your property. Make every effort to remove this hazardous animal from your home.

Simply combine salt and garlic and scatter it in various parts of your room to completely eliminate it from your home. You won’t ever run into them again.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Wall Gecko

Wall geckos are a deadly species of lizard. This reptile is deadly, so being around it could make you feel uneasy.

THEEAGLE highlights five ways to get rid of this dangerous home reptiles.

1. Use Pesticides

Geckos can be removed with the aid of powerful pesticides. Pests like wall geckos can be eliminated with a variety of pesticides that are strong enough to do so. Pesticides include, for example, mothballs.

They are odor-free chemical balls that may be put anywhere, even in your pantry, but they have the potential to be dangerous.

2. Use Sticky Traps

Gummy papers or cardboard are used to make sticky traps, which can be used to catch geckos on walls, windows, or even the floor. Even though they wouldn’t be killed right away, you would have the chance to kill them after being ensnared in the trap.

3. Fumigate Your Seasonally

However, since it makes you uncomfortable, you can kill two pests with one stone by properly fumigating your home.

These reptiles are said to keep bugs and insects out of the house. To avoid breathing in the smell, you will need to avoid the fumigated house for a few days. The smell might be toxic.

4. Avoid Things That Could Make Your Home Comfortable For Them

Block any holes that are required, then locate where they are hiding. The reality is that they have lairs in your house. As soon as you learn, clear and fumigate any areas you believe they may be living in.

5. Make Use Of Home Remedies

Many studies have been done on natural ways to get rid of wall gecko.

1. Broken Egg Shell Remedy: It is suggested that you break an egg shell in half and place the pieces in key locations because it is believed that wall gecko see egg shells as predators.

2. Garlic And Salt Remedy: According to research, combining salt and garlic can help get rid of these domestic pests. In regions where you see these reptiles, spread this mixture. The wall geckos will disappear due to the smell….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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