Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has publicly acknowledged paying dowry for all his daughters while refusing to accept dowry from any son-in-law.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The 79-year-old leader, in his Women’s Day speech, outlined his rationale behind this decision, emphasizing its significance in addressing gender-based violence and advancing women’s empowerment.

President Museveni highlighted his rejection of traditional dowry practices as a means to foster societal change.

He emphasized that by paying dowry for his daughters, he aims to set an example for Ugandan families to embrace modern marriage practices that prioritize equality and respect.

Citing his own region as an example, President Museveni claimed that more families are adopting his approach to marriage customs.

He recounted an anecdote from a recent wedding attended by one of his ministers, where the bride’s family refused the groom’s gifts and instead requested a specific number of cows as dowry.

The groom’s family, astonished by this departure from tradition, returned with 90 cows—a testament to the economic empowerment that can result from evolving social norms.

President Museveni proudly declared:

“All my girls are married, and I am a big grandfather. But I am the one who pays the bride price for them when they get married.”

He revealed that he accompanies his daughters with cows as part of the dowry payment process, underscoring his personal commitment to upholding this tradition.

The President’s wife, Janet Kataaha has previously disclosed that their daughters entered marriage as virgins, a statement she made during the commemoration of the Day of the Girl Child.

She revealed that her daughters pledged abstinence until their wedding nights, symbolized by signing “true love waits” cards, which they presented to their spouses on that special occasion.

“I made all my daughters sign ‘true love waits’ cards and they would abstain until the wedding night when they would produce these cards to their spouses,” she said. President Museveni has three daughters named Diana, Natasha…CONTINUE READING>>

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