Nigerian singer Mel Rouge has revealed what women usually do whenever they get bored in their marriages compared to men, while also stating her view on the different ways that men and women view relationships.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In a video that was posted by Pulse Nigeria247, during an interview, she made it known that women also get bored in marriages just like their male counterparts, but that they do not jump out of the relationship the way men do.

In her statement, she said, “When women get bored of marriage, they do not jump out the way men do.

“That is why I said that some men and women are weak, while some love entertainment, and they look for security in their relationships, which would serve as a backup for them.

“For women, if a man says he is getting out of the marriage, a woman won’t feel good about it, it is just something that woman does not want to admit…CONTINUE READING>>

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