Some men might pop the question even if they have dated their partner for only a few months or weeks. They believe that it does not matter how long they have been together, as long as they are in love. Other men wait until both of them are ready to commit themselves to each other.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

It is up to you to decide when to ask for her hand in marriage. Whether you ask too soon or too late, it is not any indication of how long your relationship will last. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to find out when you are finally ready to commit.

You start trusting each other about money

When you are getting married, you will have joint finances unless you sign a prenup document that says otherwise. It is not easy sharing financial decisions, and if you reach this point in your relationship, it shows that you are ready to take things to the next level.

Both of you are financially stable

Whether you like it or not, your financial readiness will affect your relationship. One of the reasons why some marriages fail is because both partners are not yet ready financially, but they decided to start their lives together. As a result, they kept fighting over money until it reached a boiling point. If you receive a salary bump or a work promotion, it might be time to consider proposing to her.

You start discussing your future together

You can say that you are ready to marry her because your heart is overwhelmed with emotions. However, you also need to gauge her feelings. If she does not seem to feel the same way, it shows that you are not yet on the same page. Proposing to her at this point will only put her under immense pressure, and you don’t want her to feel that way. You will know if she is ready when talk of marriage start coming up.

You are confident she will say yes

It does not mean that you are arrogant if you say that you are sure she will say yes. It shows that you know her so well that she won’t say no to your proposal. If you can’t say it yet, it means that you also doubt your relationship. Pause for a while and think if you should pursue the proposal at this point.

You have the best ring

You can’t propose without a ring. It might seem like a traditional move, but it is symbolic. The ring shows that you are ready to commit yourself. You can even take it up a notch by buying fingerprint jewellery. This type of customised ring has your fingerprint on it. The process takes time to finish, but the results are amazing. The fingerprints on the ring will tell her that you are ready to give a part of yourself to her.

At some point, you need to propose to her. However, you can’t speed things up by asking for a commitment before you are ready…CONTINUE READING>>

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