Human being are advised to make run in a parallel direction perhaps they were attacked by a crocodile. Most crocodiles are only protecting their territory as it harms anything that crosses its path.

Probably you are in the sea and a crocodile attacks you, you need to fight with all your effort as the crocodile’s only vulnerable spot is its eyes. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, ram your fingers into the crocodiles eyes or punch them.

The crocodile knows that its eyes are weak spots that must be protected, so this is the best chance of the crocodile letting you go.

These sea animal contributes to the death of several people, the first thing to do if you encounter a shark attack is to avoid panicking, then try to maintain eye contact as this makes the animal feel uncomfortable.

Fight back and focus on the shark’s eye for attack if none of the aforementioned tips helps.

These animal is among the most aggressive attackers of their species, but if you encounter one, do not try to outrun it as bears can speed up to 40 miles per hour.

Do not make direct eye contact If the bear has noticed you. Simply begin to walk away, if the bear starts to approach you, stand your ground, wave your arms and speak loudly enough so that the bear can hear you.

Bears need to know that you are human and that you’re not threatening to harm them, if this doesn’t work and the bear charges at you, curl up on your side and play dead.

Make sure you’ve waited long enough and that the bear has left the area before seeking help….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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