Michael Oyier’s widow, Dinah Kituyi, moved mourners during her late husband’s requiem mass, where she recalled their life together. Dinah’s strength left netizens amused as she paid tribute to the late journalist who stole her heart with his actions....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She revealed that Oyier proposed to her via a phone call, and she reprimanded him for not being romantic. Late journalist Michael Oyier’s widow, Dinah Kituyi Oyier, has paid a moving tribute to her late husband.

During Oyier’s requiem mass, his widow recalled that the first time she and the late journalist met was during his mum’s passing on. The heartbroken Dinah remained strong as she paid tribute to her hubby amidst tears.

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There were sessions where neighbours met to mourn with the Oyiers, and she recalled that their gate was always open. She revealed that Oyier was from therapy, and she, too, had gone through that because of heartbreak, and Dinah knew she was not ready to date.

Dinah disclosed that their first date was in his house, and the journalist teased her about it. In her defence, she did not know it was a date and thought it would be a professional session since she was a therapist.

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Meeting the journalist at his home, she thought he was married, and one of her dreams came to life while visiting his house. Dinah hilariously revealed that she was not interested in a relationship with the late Oyier but later realised it was God’s will.

She said that one thing she asked of God was that her husband would be God-fearing. Oyier surprised her when he revealed that he would preach at All Saints Cathedral and invited her. The journalist proposed to her after three months. In retrospect, she did not understand why he was rushing to formalise their union.

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In other news, Abigael, the late Oyier’s daughter, touched mourners with her tribute at the same memorial service According to Abigael, it was her and the star news anchor from day one, and the two became fast friends who took drives, went for errands, and did Bible study together.

The beautiful teen also revealed that she saw the pain and struggle in her dad’s eyes, but sadly, they could not do  anything about it..CONTINUE READING>>

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