Uefa Women’s Champions League Qualifiers Review And Results After PSG And Roma Women Won Their Games

The 1st leg matches of the Round 2 games of the Uefa Women’s Champions League Qualifiers continue with more Giant Clubs, locking horns to grab the Ticket the confirm them for a place in the Group Stage of the Women’s Champions League for the new season.

Rosenberg Women of Norway were left unbelievable after losing their 1st leg match against Real Madrid Women of Spain that looked focused and determined on the night.

Weir’s brilliance earned the Las Blancos an early lead in the 13th minute. Castillo doubled Real Madrid’s lead in the 34th minute to make it a sensational 0-2.

Just seven minutes into the 2nd half, Weir settled the game for the Spanish side as they beat Rosenberg Women by 0-3. Real Madrid Women looks fit for the 2nd leg as they already have one hand on the Ticket to partake of the season’s champions League.

In Czech Republic, Roma Women were the better side following their victorious away triumphant stride over Sparta Praha Women.

Although Martinkova was the first to unleash the goal upon visiting Roma women in the 51st minute after a barren halftime but Bartoli returned Roma into the game in the 77th with a fantastic strike which also gave a motivating heart to Haavi who struck in the 90th minute to make it 1-2 for the Italian woman.

Roma Women will go into the second leg with a goal advantage which could eventually help them secure the most important ticket.

After finishing behind Olympique Lyon Women last season, Paris Saint Germain Women needed a playoff to qualify for the group stage of the Uefa Champions League and they have just taken a bold step in getting the ticket.

Martins’ 14th minute strike put the Parisiennes in front against BK Hacken of Sweden but just 10 minute after, a well composed BKH side levelled through Bargman-Lundin to further show how tactical they could be.

Following wonderful and tactical approach to game by both sides, it was difficult for the goals to flow easily until four minutes from time when Diani got all the victory for PSG after a late finish.

It ended in Paris Saint Germain Women’s way but the will travel to Sweden next week for the 2nd leg which is the final game before the proper group enlistment.

The 2nd leg matches of the Round 2 qualifiers comes up next week and only Real Madrid and Zurich had a convincing win.

Do you think Roma, PSG and St. Polten women will eventually qualify for the Group stage of the Uefa women’s champions League especially after winning by few margins? Share your thoughts and follow for more information.

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