Two Positions Where Man Utd Should Sign New Players And The Players They Should Sign In The Upcoming Window

Manchester United are gearing up for the new season and it is clear that there are certain key positions that need to be bolstered in the team. Here are two players who could greatly benefit the squad in those positions:

1. Mason Mount (Midfield):

Mason Mount’s abilities on the field are exceptional and would bring a significant boost to Manchester United’s midfield. His style of play involves making underlapping runs between the full-back and center-back in the half space, which creates opportunities for the team’s wingers.

Mount’s progressive ball usage, goal threat, and excellent ball striking make him a valuable asset. Additionally, he is a top creator and possesses great close control, allowing him to evade pressure from opponents. With his elite biomechanics as an attacking midfielder, Mount can contribute greatly to the team’s success.

2. Rasmus Højlund (Striker):

Rasmus Højlund is emerging as a highly sought-after alternative to Harry Kane and has been attracting significant interest due to his immense potential.

Playing for Atalanta, Højlund has shown his remarkable speed and acceleration, surpassing most other number 9 strikers. He excels at finding space behind the opposition’s defensive line, displaying exceptional anticipation to exploit scoring opportunities.

His ability to micro-adjust his body positioning enables him to expertly connect with cutbacks, a trademark move commonly seen in Erik ten Hag’s teams.

Højlund’s ball-striking skills are of the highest caliber, and at just 20 years old, there is still room for further improvement in his game.