ODM leader Raila Odinga lighted up the burial event of departed comedian Fred Omondi in Sega, Siaya county on Saturday.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The former Prime Minister took to the podium with a glowing tribute to the departed comedian, saying he attended the burial as a grandfather.

“Our people, today we are mourning, Today I came here as a grandfather. In the ideal scenario it should be I(Raila) who should be dying but today we lay to rest a young man it is painful,” Raila said.

The former Premier then burst into song with the people at the burial shouting in appreciation.

“During our days of the struggle with Jaramogi we sang like this “Nikiitwa ntaitika, nikiitwa ntaitika kutumikia waafrika, kutumikia kutumikia, kutumikia waafrika ooooh. Kwenye vita vya moto twapambana kama mashujaa,” he sang.

Raila went ahead to relay deep condolences to Fred Omondi’s family from his wife and children.

The ODM leader also added his voice to the recent anti-finance Bill protests led by the youths(Gen Zs), saying soon he will also speak up.

“I am currently held up but when I am finally free I will speak. When the youths tell me they are done then I will speak,” he said.

Raila further urged the people of Kenya to keep pushing for their rights, saying he is sure they will soon enjoy the benefits of their protests for a better Kenya…CONTINUE  READING>>

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