Hearing noises at night can make anyone feel as if they’re in a horror film – especially when it’s a strange and unexplainable splashing sound coming from your bathroom in the middle of the night....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

A panicked woman was woken up one night to the strange sound of splashing, when she realised it was coming from her bathroom she decided to investigate – and came across a horrifying discovery.

Terrified of what she was about to find lurking in her toilet, Nicole Chitty, from Auckland, New Zealand, pried the toilet seat open – with a hockey stick in hand – and then came face to face with a rat splashing about in her toilet bowl. She then admitted she started to panic when she realised she had to try and remove it.

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She doesn’t know how the rat ended up in her toilet

“I got up and I turned some lights on and I stood by the entry to the toilet and just waited. The splashing started again, I had closed the lid on the toilet for reasons unknown to myself, but I thank past me for doing that,” she told Yahoo News.

She then explained how she grabbed her hockey stick as a “weapon of choice” and then came face to face with the swimming rat in her toilet. She further detailed: “We proceed to stare at each other and I gradually became aware of the fact I now have to figure out how to get it out of my toilet, that’s when the panic set in.”

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Nicole then bravely plucked up the courage and lowered the stick into the toilet, and to her surprise, the rat clung on. She then lowered it slowly into the bath out of the toilet bowl and said the rat immediately started cleaning itself.

Although she felt “overwhelmed”, Nicole thought the best way was to put the rat in a sealed tub and let it out that way. While Nicole originally thought her cat had brought it in, she then realised there was no way her cat would have been able to open the toilet lid and close it again.

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“I have no idea how it got into the toilet but I have a feeling it came up the pipes somehow, no other way to explain it. Let’s just say it took me a couple of days to get my confidence back to use the toilet..CONTINUE READING>>

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