Tinubu: We Cannot Form An Alliance With A Man We Are Challenging His Victory In Court – Okonkwo

The Spokesperson of the Obidatti Presidential campaign council, Kenneth Okonkwo has stated that there is no form of relationship between Mr. Peter Obi and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He alleged that they cannot form an alliance with the flag bearer of a party whom they are challenging his victory in court.

He stated further that it would be hypocritical for them to join hands with the ruling party. He also identified that with their case still being strong in court, they are expecting a huge call from the Tribunal in the coming weeks. He denied Peter Obi having any closed doors meeting with the President.

He said, ”In law, you do not approbate and reprobate. You cannot be in Court saying this is an unconstitutional pronouncement that a man who did not win an election is pronounced the winner and begin to talk about alliance. We cannot form an alliance with a man we are challenging his victory in court.

It will be an unholy alliance because you cannot be preaching this way and trying to accept another thing. That will be the classical definition of being a hypocrite.”