Tinubu Breaks Silence On Attack Against Igbo Voters In Lagos, Makes Appeal

The President-elect, Bola Tinubu condemned the violence that marred the governorship and state assembly elections on Saturday, urging those affected to raise above their difference for national interest and unity.

According to Nigeria news agency, the gubernatorial election was plagued by a high level of violence, voter intimidation, and suppression in Lagos and some other states across the nation.

The former governor of Lagos denounced the verbal and physical abuse of voters during the polls, calling it immoral and contrary to the democratic ideal, in a statement obtained by a Nigerian news agency.

He added that in order for everyone who benefits from diversity to realize their full potential, he aims to integrate the diversity and unity that his government fostered in Lagos into national governance.

“Elections should not be sad occasions,” he said. “They should be a celebration of our developing democracy and our citizens’ freedom of choice. I find racial slurs especially hurtful since they can lead to needless mischaracterization, as has been noted in several places.

“I’m asking us to put aside our differences, which are actually small compared to the important threads that link us together as a people, regardless of the circumstances of our births.

“I can speak to the power of our diversity and unity as a former governor of Lagos State. As your incoming president, I vow to uphold the inclusiveness we fostered in Lagos in national governance so that we may all reach our full potential.

“I will place a high premium on enlarging the civic sphere and preserving citizens’ freedom to exercise their legal rights.

The elections are over, in fact. The people have cast their ballots to choose the governors and state representatives who will represent them for the ensuing four years. This is the time for government and leadership.

Elections Are Essential For Democracy’s Survival And Development

Also, Tinubu praised the recently held elections for the State House of Assembly and the newly elected governor for upholding the will of the people.

He praised the success of the polls and thanked President Muhammadu Buhari, the Independent National Electoral Commission, security organizations, observer groups, civil society organizations, development partners, and the electorate.

“I congratulate all of the elected governors and assembly members for deserving the people’s trust,” he continued. The 2023 election cycle has come to a fitting conclusion with the March 18 state legislature and governorship elections that were held in all 36 of the federation’s states.

“I must thank everyone who contributed to the success of the polls, including President Muhammadu Buhari, the Independent National Election Commission, security agencies, Observation Groups, Civil Society Organizations, development partners, and the electorate. At the state level, the election is crucial to the development and maintenance of democracy and democratic governance.

“More growth and a better quality of life for the general public will result from the consolidation of democratic governance at the subnational level.

More of our people will benefit from the benefits of democracy and good governance as we firmly establish and solidify the gains of our democratic endeavor throughout the entire nation.

The majority will prevail.

In a democracy, the majority would have the last say, but that majority couldn’t prevent the minority from speaking up. As Democrats, we must defend the right to free speech. Winners must be kind, and losers must have a big heart for tolerance and respect for the larger good of the country.

“As the elected, the only way to uphold the confidence and trust of the people, as well as the mandate placed in our hands, is to dedicate ourselves to serving the people.

To improve the lives of the majority, we must all labor hard and truly. As elected officials, our only responsibility is to carry the burdens of the people and make sure they live better lives than we promised them during the campaigns.

“We must act quickly to bring together the people, both those who supported us and those who did not. By accepting the adversaries and their backers, we must promote the healing process.

The time for politics, as I have said before, is over. This is the time for nation-building, a mission larger than one person or one segment of society. Every hand from wherever it may be needed is needed on deck.

“As your President, I’m willing to collaborate with you all. When we come together in the spirit of unity and rekindled hope for the welfare of our wonderful nation and our dearly loved people, I will be a trustworthy partner you can rely on.

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