David Adeleke, who’s well known as Davido is a Nigerian music Artist who has faced a lot in the year 2021. Aside the fact that he lost some friends to the cold hands of death, he bagged deals, touched lives and acquired some exotic cars. In this article, the aim is to look at three (3) different times Davido showed-off some exotic cars he acquired in 2021. As we do this, we will be providing the picture of each of the three exotic cars....CONTINUE READING

1. Around the fifth month of this year, Davido was reported to have acquired a Rolls Royce Cullian that worths millions of Naira. Davido is spotted beside the Rolls Royce in the picture below.

2. Davido also went viral across social media platforms some days ago because he showed-off a newly-acquired Lamborghini. After showing off the Lamborghini, he claimed it is his Christmas gift for the year 2021.


3. The third Davido showed-off an exotic car he acquired in 2021 was when Wema Bank made his their ambassador. The deal, according to Davido, “came with a “truck”. Checkout an image of the “truck” below.


It appears Davido has been in the news for many good reasons this year. What are your thoughts concerning this?

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