Shorts are among the most used outfits by men globally, it has a way of making them feel free and appear simple.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

To this end, I want to believe that no man will want to make certain errors when wearing his shorts; therefore, we shall be looking at three major mistakes every man needs to avoid when wearing shorts.

1. Length

As we might all know, the length of your short has a lot to tell about your appearance. It is rather unfortunate that most men don’t seem to put that into consideration.

It is advisable that as a man, your shorts shouldn’t go beyond your knees, it is meant to be suspended right on your knees or before it. This has a way of making you look unique and presentable.

2. Secondly, when wearing your shorts in the 21st century, you must understand the trend and go with it.

Avoid wearing your shorts right on your waist, bring it a little low, and ensure it is slightly below your knees.

3. Colour

And finally, the colour of your short. Try as much to go for dull colours as much as possible, it has a way of ensuring that people don’t get attracted to your shorts rather than your face.

Observe these three rules, and you will be glad you did. Thanks….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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