Sudi (not his real name) has narrated how ladies die two weeks after he sleeps with them, and so far, nine of them are dead, and he fears to have any relationship again.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to him, he had his first girlfriend after high school, and they became friends. But soon after he slept with her, after two weeks, she received a call from her family telling him that his girlfriend was dead, and she was not even sick.

He says that he thought it was a normal death. After a while, he had another relationship, and the same thing happened. He was confused and decided to have another relationship to see if it was really happening after two weeks of intimacy.

He says that after his 5th girlfriend died, he shared with a friend who thought he was joking and didn’t help him. Things got worse after his sixth girlfriend died, and he decided to look for a pastor to help him understand what was happening to him.

Sudi tried to visit the hospital to know if he had a problem, but the doctors told him he was okay, and he got confused. He even asked his parents why this was happening, and they told him that it’s God’s plan, and he should continue with life.

He says that the ninth girlfriend died in 2020, and he is now 31 years old, but he is afraid to have any other relationship even though he wants to have a family of his own.

He is now pleading with any man of God who can help him to know what is really happening to him because he is afraid and tired of all these things happening in his life…CONTINUE READING>>

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