In a harrowing account, Damaris courageously reveals a traumatic experience where she and a friend fell victim to exploitative men who subjected them to degrading acts with a dog. Damaris, born and raised in Naivasha by a single mother, faced immense challenges after her mother’s passing, leading her to a life of prostitution.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

After a tumultuous marriage, where her husband’s changed behavior forced her to leave, Damaris returned to the streets to provide for her three children. During the Safari rally in Naivasha, a friend suggested visiting hotels to find clients willing to pay a substantial amount.

Their encounter took a horrifying turn when three men, promising payment, took them for a ride around Naivasha. Instead, they drove to an unknown, dark, and bushy area, where the men commanded them to undress. To their shock, a large dog was present in the car, and the men recorded videos while instructing the dog to engage with them.

After enduring this traumatic ordeal, the men callously threw them out of the car without fulfilling their promised payment. Despite the adversity, Damaris, fueled by this traumatic experience, vowed to cease her involvement in prostitution.

This survivor’s tale sheds light on the exploitation faced by vulnerable individuals, emphasizing the need for awareness and intervention to protect those most at risk…CONTINUE READING>>

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