Dr. William Ruto is the most hated person in Kenya today and the hatred will continue tomorrow, next month, next year and maybe for the rest of his term.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Ruto aka Zakayo is in shock, he never saw this coming though it has been long coming. Why Ruto has been caught flat footed by the gen zee uprising can fully be attributed to the over-confidence of the man.

Zakayo for some strange reasons believes that he is the most intelligent Kenyan and does not take advice from anybody, he can listen but does not heed.

If Zakayo was a good student of history, he would know how uprising that lead to revolution start.

A simple dispute like that of finance bill 2024 can very easily trigger a full blown uprising and that’s what we are seeing. There are other underlying issue but the finance bill was the best to rally Kenyans around.

Stakeholders gave their opinion on the dangers of implementing this bill but Zakayo ignored them, telling them to go tell it to the birds. He was finally made to eat humble pie by Gen Zee and he is currently busy trying to woo this group.

In the history of this country, there has never been a president hated by so many Kenyans as Zakayo is today.

Diaspora have also joined the fray and are also saying Ruto must and must also stop killing Kenya children. With the benefit of hindsight, Zakayo deserves what he is getting.

In all the presidents Kenya have had, Zakayo is the most incompetent, he is actually a man out of his depth in that office. He lacks the capacity to move this country forward. If in doubt, read what he is proposing about job creation in the yet to be constituted multi sectoral forum.

Zakayo should watch an old western film called ‘the fastest gun alive’. In this film, there is a cowboy turned outlaw who believed he was the fastest gun and in every town he visited, he challenged the fasted gun in the town for a duel.

In one town, he killed the town fastest gun and then a blind man who was in the crowd told him, ‘there will always be a faster gun than you’.

The outlaw was peeved by this advice but in the next town, he was beaten and killed in a draw by an unassuming gunman young enough to be his son…CONTINUE READING>>

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