First Lady  R***el Ruto, alongside Council of Governors Chair Anne Waiguru and Martha Karua, spearh**ded Kenya’s celebration of Mother’s Day, honou**ng the pivotal role of mothers in society....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Expressing her admiration for mothers, the First Lady lauded them as the backbone of families, embodying love and strength.

She also pointed out their profound influence through sacrifices, guidance, and unwavering love, extending w*rm wishes to all mothers in Kenya and beyond.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums in Kenya and around the world! Today we celebrate the backbone of our families, the p**lars of our c*mmunities and the embodiment of love and strength.

“Your sacrifices, guidance and unconditional love shape our lives in profound ways. May your day be fi*led with joy, appreciation and countless blessings. To every mother, grandmother, aunt and mother figure, thank you for all that you do. You are cherished beyond measure,” R***el Ruto stated.

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Waiguru ech*ed similar sentiments, recognizing mothers as p**lars of society, and applauding their nurtu**ng spirit, inspiration, hard work, and resilience.

She emphasized the significance of Mother’s Day as an occasion to celebrate their selfless love and invaluable contributions.

“Mother’s Day is indeed a special day to celebrate and appreciate the selfless love. hard work, resilience, sacrifices and invaluable contributions of mothers in our lives and the world around us. You are the p**lars of our society, the ones who nurture. inspire and empower us and today, we celebrate you,” Waiguru said in her statement.

The National R*****w Coalition–Kenya joined in paying tribute to mothers, acknowledging their endu**ng sacrifices, which are invaluable to c*mmunities and beyond.

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“Salute to mothers everywhere, your sacrifices count,” Karua posted on her X.

Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano of the Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry, likened mothers to unique flowers, highlighting their beauty, resilience, and strength.

She offered a special dedication to mothers who lost children du**ng recent floods, wishing them peace and solace on this day.

“To all mothers, you’re unique like flowers, beautiful, resilient and strong! Special dedication to that one mother who lost a child du**ng the recent floods, may this day bring peace that surpa***s human understanding. Happy Mother’s Day queens,” Miano shared.

Kipchumba Murkomen:

Mothers are the rock and lifeline of our families, our c*mmunities and our nation. On this special day and in this back-to-school season, let us celebrate the gift of life.

I urge all road users to demonstrate their love and grat*tude to our mothers by adhering to traffic rules so that all the young p****e reach school safely. Drivers should especially avoid sp*eding. Remember road safety is a collective responsibility. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Moses Wetang’ula:

Motherhood is the heart of leadership, nurtu**ng with unconditional love, guiding with wisdom, and inspiring with boun*less w*rmth. Let us celebrate the extraordinary leaders we call mothers, whose love shapes futures and lights the path for all. Happy Mother’s day to all!

Kith**e Kindiki:

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in Kenya and the world. For putting the interests of your children before yours, for the immense sacrifices you make for the well-being of families, and for the love of family and Country, thank you for prioritizing what matters most..CONTINUE READING>>

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