A popular media personality shared a video on her YouTube channel where a woman named Claire shared her life journey and what caused the death of her child.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Claire got married and after sometime she became pregnant. She would experience some complications during her pregnancy journey and would go to the hospital to seek treatment.

She had some scanning to know the progress of her pregnancy but unfortunately at 29 weeks she started to feel pain. After going to the hospital, she was told that her cervix was open but she was treated and the cervix was closed.

Days later she experienced the same kind of pain and she went to the hospital and was told the cervix is open again. She was admitted and would take medication as adviced by the doctors.

She went home but after some time, she had the same pain. She went to the hospital and was taken to the ward where at that moment the pregnancy was at 33 weeks. She was injected by a nurse where it’s like the injection was meant to induce pain.

While still at the hospital, she started to feel like the child was coming out. Claire tried to call the doctor to help her pull the child out but at that time the doctor was busy looking for the necessities like gloves and other things.

Claire would look at the child and doubt if it’s okay for it’s legs were blue. The child was taken to the nursery but she was told that the child’s chance of surviving were fifty fifty.

After a while, she would go to see her child and the doctors would tell her that they are trying to save the child’s life. Later on, a doctor broke the sad news to her about the death of the child saying they tried their best to save it. Clare went ahead to make preparations for the burial of her child…CONTINUE READING>>

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