Every woman has a secret age when men become indifferent to her. And in a sexual sense, and in general. For some, this happens closer to retirement, for others in the climacteric region, and still, others decide it at all by thirty. Such a woman, who has scored on men, is determined at once.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The main sign is that she is an aunt! With bad hair, tired eyes, and deposits in unnecessary places. Tedious, grumpy, and with clipped wings. What happened to her? she entered the age when men are not needed; she gave up under the weight of resentment and disappointment.

Why is age secret?

Because a woman does not tell anyone about it, except perhaps the most stubborn feminists. You have never seen a woman who would gather everyone in a circle and announce her disappointment in men. This is simply indecent. However, something tells me that there are such.

How to understand what happened? The woman seems to cover her heart with iron. The intensity of her pain is such that she decides not to let anyone else near him.

She stops trusting men, looking for men, and even in her thoughts, she does not want to imagine a man who is ready to fall in love with her. The price to pay for the calmness of an icy heart is very high.

What does the heart have to do with it? – someone will ask. Men are primarily about another organ.

You can safely use them without experiencing any mental anguish. I might have agreed. But a
woman always has the heart to do with it, right?

Because here everything is past the heart. A woman is rejuvenated and made more beautiful only by injections into the very heart. There is no place for simple sexual mechanics, although they are essential.

Have you ever noticed that a woman in love is good even from a distance? Even when he does not see his beloved, but communicates with him by calls and sms—in her head, and prettier in reality.

And all because love and passion are ready to work miracles with us. Rejuvenate, make beautiful. But this happens only with those who believe in love.

The rest will have to live out their days as aunts. And it’s not even the wrinkles, but the old dust of disappointment in the eyes.

So if they ask me how old a woman needs men, I will say until the last breath. I know that it hurts, that sometimes it’s hard, and you feel emptiness and disappointment, and I’m ready to overgrow my heart with ice, if only it weren’t But you cannot. It’s not an aunt to die…CONTINUE READING>>

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