De Jong and Casemiro are two different types of midfielders. Whereas De Jong is technical and focused on maintaining possession, Casemiro is more defensive; he excels at breaking play and winning possession....CONTINUE READING

Ten Hag could benefit from the former Real Madrid man at the moment, but with his game focused on possession, United will need to bring in a midfielder in the mold of De Jong.

The Red Devils are unlikely to return for Frankie De Jong, but one player for whom they may be willing to go all-in is Jude Bellingham.

The 19-year-old has been steadily improving at Borussia Dortmund, and many believe he will seek a move to the Premier League next summer. Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool are all interested in signing the former Birmingham City player.

Whelan has advised Ten Hag that returning United to the Champions League is the simplest way to secure the midfield prodigy’s signature. “If Man United get into the Champions League, then it changes everything,” said Whelan on Football Insider.

“They’ll then be choosing from the Pot A of players, rather than the Pot B and C.

“The best players in the world will want to compete in the best competition in the world. It’s the biggest trophy of all.

“If they can get that qualification, then they’ll be able to compete with the likes of Man City and Liverpool, who I’m sure will be looking at Bellingham next summer as well.”

There is a lot expected of Ten Hag this season, but the least he can do is get Manchester United back to where they belong: the Champions League. Fortunately, he has two options: win the Europa League or finish in the top four.

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